Before you select the Railway please go through the Post Parameters and the Railway-wise Vacancies to ascertain the availability of vacancies as per your eligibility

Please note that Railway once selected cannot be changed after Registration

Visual Impairment-Blind (B)
Locomotor Disability - One Arm (OA)
Locomotor Disability - Leprosy Cured (LC)
Visual Impairment-Low Vision (LV)
Locomotor Disability - One Leg (OL)
Locomotor Disability - Acid Attack Victims (AAV)
Hearing Impairment - Deaf (D)
Locomotor Disability - Dwarfism (DW)
Hearing Impairment - Hard of hearing (HH)
I do not want to search vacancies. I confirm that I have gone through the vacancy table. I want to apply directly.


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